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Revisiting My Beauty Purchases #1

This is a new series where I check in on the progress of purchases I made this time last year.

I calculated an AUD $1677.34 spend on makeup in 2019 and AUD $2119.78 on skincare, haircare (including shampoos, conditioners and hair dye), body care and pharmacy prescriptions in my 2019 Product Empties blog post. That's a lot of money.

I tend to use up the overwhelming majority of my skincare buys so there's very little wastage there but I barely panned any makeup last year. This year I'll be going back to see which products I've continued to use and which ones have been gathering dust.

I'll be reflecting on two months' worth of purchases at a time because from the list I have, there are quite a number of products to go through.

My current inventory

I have a decent amount of makeup — even after a vicious destash in 2019. I have more products than all of my friends who are makeup users (but not makeup enthusiasts) and far less than a beauty guru or social media influencer. My current collection all fits into the acrylic storage boxes below. I have some skincare and perfumes also housed in these containers but the majority of those products are kept separately.

I instated a rule last year that if it wouldn't fit in my containers, then I couldn't buy it. I'm largely helped by not owning many large eyeshadow palettes. I am currently on a makeup no-buy until May 2020.

The breakdown

My largest category by far are lip products. I love lipsticks and lip pencils. I have so many full sized lipstick bullets and dedicated drawers in the storage containers to fit my lipstick minis and lipstick crayons.

The eyeshadow and eye products technically take up the second largest portion of my inventory but the numbers are heavily skewed by the fact that the majority of them are single products. I own many eyeshadow sticks and single eyeshadows which I counted individually.

The next largest portion of my makeup goes to blushes. I have a lot of powder and cream blush products. I have depotted many of my blushes which are stored in a magnetic palette.

January and February 2019 Purchases

I mostly stocked up on my essential skincare items to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales. I scored great bargains on my favourites like my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and the Caudalie Lip Conditioners which I always power through. Most, if not all of my skincare buys from early 2019 were featured in the mega empties post.

As for makeup purchases, it's fortunately a short list. I only bought two makeup items in January and February 2019: the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Gift Set and the Barry M Take a Brow Brow Gel.

Barry M Take a Brow Brow Gel

It's a wasted $9.30 with the Barry M Brow Gel. I bought it in the shade brown because I had dyed hair at the time and most brown brow gels worked as a feasible colour match. This is a very light brown colour. It was unwearable with my skin tone so it was quickly detashed.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Set

The By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks have become my favourite eyeshadow stick formula of all time. This was a fantastic purchase. The discounted holiday trio amounted to AUD$76.60 which is a steal considering they normally retail for AUD$61 each. The set included 3 full sized retractable crayons which featured very wearable shades.

In the kit I got No. 03 Blond Opal, No. 04 Bronze Moon, No. 05 Misty Rock. I wear either Bronze Moon or Misty Rock most often as a one and done neutral eyeshadow colour. If I remember, I'll sometimes highlight a little using the pearly Blond Opal shade. They've all got shimmer to the base colour so they've give off a bit of an interesting sheen in the light.

L to R: No. 03 Blond Opal, No. 04 Bronze Moon, No. 05 Misty Rock

A year later, I have made a considerable amount of progress with Bronze Moon and Misty Rock but it's a product you don't need to apply much of. They'll still take me a while to fully use up but I'm happy to have them last a bit longer because I dread repurchasing these at their price point.

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