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Hattrick Cafe in Macquarie Park Review

Everyone has a favourite hipster cafe that serves great food and coffee. Let me introduce you to mine.

Location and ambience

Tucked on the outskirts of the large shopping complex Macquarie Centre, Hattrick cafe sits along Waterloo Rd right next door to and across from a block of new apartment towers at 84 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park. Hattrick is located just off the beaten track because it's not near the main front entrance to the shopping centre. This cafe is larger than many of the ones inside the building which means there's plenty of space both indoors and outdoors.

The overall ambience of Hattrick is clean and fresh with plenty of natural light flooding through its large windows. The general gist of the place is that it gives off a 'bringing the outdoors indoors' vibe. Plenty of greenery hangs from exposed wooden roof beams inside while tables are decorated with small jarred plants to give it the hipster seal of approval.

You get actual chairs at this place. I say this as I post a photo of me seated at a bench. Nevertheless, this needs to be stated because I've been to plenty of hipster cafes which offer tree stumps and milk crates for seating. If you choose to sit outdoors, especially during the sweltering summers, they've got umbrellas set up to shield you from the sun.

Food and drinks

Hattrick's offerings are appropriately summed up by their tagline: "beans. bites. booze." While it is a licensed bar, I've never tried any of their cocktails because I'm a solid caffeine addict. If neither alcohol nor coffee are your vices don't fret, there's something for everyone.

I'm a simple woman. AlI want from a cafe is a coffee and a pastry. Hattrick offers a selection of baked goods but since it's not 'on the way', I'm always there with the intent of having brunch or catching up over lunch with a friend.

I like my coffee best when it's served in bowl-sized cups which is one of the primary reasons why I keep going back. I require caffeine flowing in my veins at all times so I tend to stick to the skim cappuccinos. The usual suspects are offered alongside cold drip coffee if you're into that.

As a side note, bags of freshly roasted beans are sold at the counter so I occasionally pick up a 250g bag priced at around $15-20.

Hattrick also has a rotating menu of fancy-schmancy drinks laden with chocolate and a smorgasboard of precariously stacked sweets favoured by my sweet-toothed dining companions.

This one is aptly named 'Jenga'. The Shaky Shake (read: milkshake) is a $12 offering made of nutella, caramel fudge & tim tams topped with a crunchie jenga tower.

Just looking at these make me nervous. I'm not sure whether it's because it looks like diabetes personified or if it's from fear for their structural integrity. Nutella and Oreo flavoured milkshakes are commonly ordered by my non-coffee drinking heathen friends.

Whatever your cup of tea is - they have it.

Quite literally - a selection of hot and iced teas are also available on the drinks menu.

Now let's talk about the food. More often than not, I'm here for a late brunch which rolls into lunch. Usually this causes a philosophical debate about what constitutes as breakfast food and what as lunch. Luckily, Hattrick offers an all day breakfast. The menu undergoes slight alterations dependant on season but the base constituent parts largely remain the same.

You can have a boring traditional breakfast with eggs, bacon and sourdough or you can have sliders or even just order off the lunch menu. The menu is really diverse with great healthy options featuring superfoods like kale and quinoa or you can have burgers and chips. This place caters for the pickiest of eaters.

Salmon with quinoa, falafels and poached eggs

Pumpkin salad with poached eggs

Bacon and egg burger served with potato gems and spinach.

Quinoa popcorn chicken with fries and a spinach, tomato and avocado salad

Egg and spinach breakfast sliders with hummus

Angus burger with chips & Meatball sliders with chips


The staff provides friendly service and the kitchen is really accommodating. In nearly every photo I posted, extras were asked for and added so I'm never afraid to ask for a substitution or for an addition to the dish. The serving sizes are generous and the prices charged at the cafe are very reasonable.

I love going to Hattrick with my mates whose tastes range wildly because I know that everyone will find something they like from the menu. Most importantly, they have giant coffee cups. If they ever downsize their mugs, I'm out.

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