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Charlotte Tilbury: Matte Revolution Lipsticks Review

Spoiler alert! This is my favourite matte lipstick formula on the market.

There's no point in even pretending to play devil's advocate here. I'm not even going to hide how much I like these. Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution lipstick is my go-to product from my stash but nevertheless, let's go through the motions.

Price, outer packaging and shipping

Charlotte Tilbury is unavailable for in-store purchase in Australia. Her official website will ship to Australia as will FeelUnique, Net-a-Porter, Cult Beauty, Beautylish, Selfridges and a smattering of others. For some ridiculous reason, one never finds the best price if purchasing directly from the Charlotte Tilbury website. I have purchased all of mine via FeelUnique, Net-a-Porter or from a physical store in England.

UK retailer FeelUnique currently has them priced at around AUD$44 each (free postage on orders over AUD$160 or $22 otherwise), Cult Beauty at £24 (free shipping £40) Beautylish at US$34 (free shipping US$35), Net-a-Porter at AU$39 ($10 postage) and the Charlotte Tilbury site at AU$49 each for the original Matte Revolution line. The more recently released Hot Lips 2 collection is priced at a slightly higher cost. The 10% GST will be added on during the checkout process.

If you're going to be paying in a foreign currency, it's worth checking PayPal, your banking institution or your credit card's spread because at time of writing in June 2019, the Australian dollar is not doing well. PayPal, Mastercard and Visa all offer abysmal conversion rates and a spread which equals around 1.5x the Australian dollar to the US dollar.

As for me, I took advantage of the British people's Brexit miseries by buying everything when the Pound tanked. That period of political uncertainty meant that these glorious tubes of happiness only cost me AUD$32.65 each. Bargain! Yay for keeping up to date with world politics! At most, I've paid $42 for a tube which I still find reasonable for being a high end brand. For those who can only manage to muster up the smallest of 'mehs' follow this simple rule: The Olympics, royal weddings and royal babies make for more expensive makeup while a smiling Donald Tusk means the Sterling will take a thrashing.

Charlotte Tilbury's outer packaging features a deep maroon burgundy paper box with gold lettering. The tube itself is a stunning rose gold that evokes a sense of old Hollywood glamour. The component is lightweight, compact, cool to the touch with ridged detailing and the CT monogram is featured on the top of the lid. The cap snaps closed with a clear 'click'.

The formula

Charlotte Tilbury uses all the adjectives available to her, then throws in a mouthful of superlatives to market her products, but the general gist is that it's a soft matte formula. The lipsticks don't have sheen to them but they feel very creamy. The paradox this lipstick offers is that it has a matte appearance on the lips while feeling like a satin. I'll confess that sometimes I swipe this on without having used lipbalm beforehand. Luckily, it's very forgiving on dry or wrinkly lips.

The claim is that the lipsticks are made with "antioxidant lipstick tree and orchid extracts [which] soften, protect and hydrate for younger-looking lips". I don't know what orchids do exactly (other than die when gifted as houseplants) but I agree with the hydrating claim. They are the most comfortable matte I've ever worn with a tiny bit of slip so you can push it around with a lip brush if you want but they're not powdery at all.

They have great wear time throughout the day and you'll see minimal to no transfer on cups. They will take to re-applying well if you want to touch up. I'd 100% recommend wearing these if you're going out to eat which for me is pretty much the only reason I leave the house.

The lipsticks in the tube have a light vanilla scent reminiscent of cake with frosting. I find it very pleasant but you can't smell it once it's on your lips.

The shape of the bullet is quite unique. It has a square angled tip which is supposed to mimic the shape of a lip brush for a precise application. It definitely does help early on but mine are all worn down to rounded nubs. I usually wear these with a lipliner because I don't have a great natural lip shape but the formula does allow for movement with a lip brush if you want a crisp definition.

Sexy Sienna

"Darlings, discover the perfect partner to sun-kissed skin! My Matte Revolution in Sexy Sienna features ingredients for lit-from-within, cashmere-soft lips. A coral hue with a golden undertone."

Charlotte Tilbury has no shortage of gorgeous, glitzy friends. This golden coral shade is inspired by actress Sienna Miller. It happens to be my perfect My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade.

I even liked it so much, I wore it in the afternoon photos and during the evening reception with my Maid of Honour get-up at my best friend's wedding. I'm currently on my second tube of Sexy Sienna.

I'd describe it as a pinky coral shade that can be dabbed on for a subtle natural look or can be built up to full opacity. Tilbury says this colour is "perfect for summer days" which I agree with but unfortunately for me, Tracy decided on a winter wedding so I look like I'm freezing my butt off in the photo attached.

This shade fits the current trend as 2019's Pantone Colour of the Year is Living Coral but its a great shade that will fit any fashion season.

I think Sexy Sienna is a highly flattering shade for my skin tone which in winter sits at a MAC NC15 or a Fenty 150. I have a neutral undertone that leans slightly pink during colder seasons and slightly warm during warmer months.

The reddish undertones in this warm coral perfectly match my pigmented lips so this lipstick is my go-to, easy to swipe on and dash out the door product. I will forever repurchase Sexy Sienna.

Pillow Talk

"The iconic 'Your-Lips-But-Better' Nude-Pink Shade"

Here I am pictured wearing Fenty 170 (NC20ish) with a giant coffee cup. If you stick around long enough on my blog, you'll see how that's a flowing motif. Notice how there's no transfer onto the coffee mug? Impressive.

Described as an "iconic dreamy nude" shade, it's widely touted as the internet's MLBB shade. It's not mine but it's still nice. The lipstick pulls browner and tawnier than its famous Lip Cheat liner counterpart which came out first.

I suppose it does look like a MLBB shade from a distance but be honest, in this photo, you're not looking at the lipstick. We'll call it an awkward version of 'Draw me like one of your French girls'. Eat your heart out, Kate Winslet. This is portraiture at its finest.

Miranda May: Hot Lips

"A bright coral pink matte lipstick with a vibrant finish."

Inspired by and named after the Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, this is a bright pink lipstick.

Although the formula is the same, this lipstick is sold as part of the original Hot Lips line which was made in collaboration with its namesake. Another feature of the Hot Lips collection is that a pair of lips is embossed on the front of the bullet.

I wouldn't have classified this as a coral at all because on my lips it shows as a vivid watermelon-adjacent pink. I have seen this appear coral-red on fairer skinned blondes.

All of the Matte Revolution lipsticks are pigmented but this one proves you can get full saturation with one swipe.

Amazing Grace

" A pink coral lipstick in a modern matte formula."

Yeah, you don't need this one if you've got Miranda May or vice versa. They're very similar on the lips with Amazing Grace being slightly less vibrant in its intensity.

Again, I wouldn't have used 'coral' to describe this lipstick but lo and behold, in outdoor lighting and with a darker complexion, it does appear like a coral pink in photography. I swear it looks pinker to the naked eye.


I need to remember to take photos when I wear these out out, especially since I can't find any pictures of me wearing the darker shades. I love the ones pictured for everyday wear. They're pretty transfer resistant, long-lasting and they fade gracefully throughout the day and after meals. I'd totally recommend these to anyone on the fence about making a purchase.

Charlotte Tilbury needs to be sold directly here in Australia. I heard rumours about Estee Lauder possibly having submitted a bid to buy the brand for a whopping $1 billion but we'll see. If that becomes a reality, we may see CT items in our major department stores and in Sephora alongside others under the EL umbrella.

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